09 April 2009


At the moment, it is softly raining outside, and I am stuck in the library, working on a final paper for art history. Rain is lovely, especially when everything is quiet and you can only hear the rain landing all around you.

I wish I could go out and enjoy it. But instead, I'll daydream of a wedding in the rain, where umbrellas and galoshes are mandatory
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Someday I will need to ride my own bike to and from work, the grocery store, the park, the bakery, etc. I think this one will do the job just fine, especially with this bag on the back and a camera around my neck...

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07 April 2009

West Side Story

I recently watched West Side Story for my humanities class, and this is the most fabulous spoof of it EVER.

Flight of the Conchords = hilarity.


Does anyone know how to embed videos from youtube? I want to put this up, but I don't know how to put up an actual video!!


art review

Recommendation: New York Times Art Section... at least for today. Here is a review of Winslow Homer.

I recently studied his art in one of my Humanities classes, and his art simple yet poetic. Read here if you'd like.

the art scene

Just came across this article on the frontpage of the New York Times, and it solidifies why I want to live in New York City someday. Keep reading...

They also have it for LA, but come on, New York City? That's where all the "buzz" is happening.