06 December 2009


This past week, I took the 3 hour train out to Colmar for a day, and trust me, it was well worth it! Five Christmas markets scattered about a city filled with frosted trees and decorated buildings. Here are some pictures!

bags are packed

Tomorrow, I head back home! It has been amazing experience, and I will savor each memory everyday. From the monuments, museums, and architecture to the food, people, and culture, I will miss it.

Je t'aime, Paris!

(But I am excited for upcoming Christmas festivities!!)
(The picture is quite gloomy, but Paris offered up torrential rain today! Thanks paris. Great way to end.)

My Paris

To end off my semester in Paris, our final photography project was titled "My Paris." So basically, putting into photos our experience. Here is a little something I did...

Paris is full of sights and scenes, made famous through the years.
People hurry from place to place to take it all in.
To go.
To see.
To experience.

We are constantly in motion. I come full circle with this idea. But instead now, our motion is not the theme, but instead, the backdrop becomes the idea in question. We are in motion, while they remain statuesque, standing against the years of history and experiences. We are only a small moment passing by, but they remain.

20 November 2009

mois de la photo

This week's project was to be inspired by the Photo Exhibits for Paris' Mois de la Photo. My photos are based on works by Michael Kenna and Jan Yoors. Hope you like...


The sunset was spectacular one day, and thankfully, I had my camera to capture its brilliance!

From the top of the Pompidou Centre.

A giant ferris wheel for Saint Nicolas' Day! So excited for the Christmas markets...

The Pantheon: a must-see.

Paris is lovely.

16 November 2009

08 November 2009


Just got back from a two day trip to two countries!! Exhausting, but amazing. Here are some pictures.

I completely recommend to everyone to go!! Just don't go into the coffee shops...

decisive moment

The next project dealt with the decisive moment. I could only choose one (the first), but these were a couple of options for me.

02 November 2009

more pastries

Instead of having class inside, my professor decided to have one day of class as a picnic. So we bought a variety of breads, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and meats on Rue Cler, and then proceeded to eat a fabulous picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower. These are the pastries from Le Notre... amazing.

You can be jealous. That's ok.


I will have a room in my house with a fabulous orange wall. One thing Paris does well is accent colors (but just to let you know, Paris does almost everything better...). Though neutrals are the staples, patisseries, hotels, even clothing stores have great colors to accentuate the mood. Yes, I'm getting lots of ideas for my future home.

found here.


Another photo project here, but here are a couple of pictures.

I wish I knew how to just copy it onto my blog, but I'm playing with the settings for a wider text section. We'll see!!

And sorry for being horrible at updating this blog. I'll try to do better... Emphasis on try! Who has the time anyway.

11 October 2009


Photo Essay on les metiers (tradesmen): look here.


Photo Essay on religion: look here.

27 September 2009


This is where I eat lunch...
... along the Seine with the locals. Complete with baguette and book. Come join!

19 September 2009


As everyone knows... Paris is famous for its pastries. And I am taking full advantage, much to my health's chagrin.

This is a famous, modern Patisserie on the Left-Bank called Pierre Herme. Quite expensive for so small a treat, but worth each centime for those macaroons. Cece and I savored them outside in the Saint-Sulpice square.

P.S. I forgot to include my tarte peche pistache from Boulangerie Julien. Oh so yummy!!

First Week of Paris

I really need to update this, so my family has some more information on my life... Here are some pictures and descriptions!
First day in Paris! We were all desperately tired, hungry, and suffering from a lack of French skills. Slap happy.
This is my fabulous roommate Cecile Larsen (aka cece). We were living on one night of sleep, but jetlag was still weighing us down. After wandering for a little while, we found a pleasant little cafe, and had the most DELICIOUS meal ever. Maybe because we were starved, but we were quite excited about the food and the adorable accommodations.
On top of the Arc du Triomphe! The weather was not amazing, but the view was breathtaking, along with the pleasant breeze.
This was just after we left our first day of church. The building was built in the 17th century, complete with cobble stone courtyard. And this is where we have our classes as well, so it ain't half bad.
Liz and I beneath the arch. Cute.
While walking around the Musee d'Orsay, I saw this American couple. Both with informational mp3s in their ears, they tilted their heads to "truly" take in the busts in front of them. Completely comical to me, sharing the American heritage, but the tilted heads against the three statuesque heads was the perfect juxtaposition. Thoughts?
It's Paris. How could I blog without including at least one picture?
This was taken in the Tuilleries while trudging to the Champs Elysees. I simply glanced to my right and caught the glances of all three men on the bench. So of course, I needed to capture it with the camera. Naturally. The more I look at this photo, the more I like it. The three just looking out on the tourists, while we return the favor with mutual glances. Love it.
This was a lovely little street with fruits, vegetables, antiques, meats, and no cars (though there is one parked there, but nothing moving!). I loved the varying ages along Rue de Cler, from kids just out of school for the weekend and older gentlemen taking their lunch breaks in their crisp suits. The culture of Paris is amazing, and I loved to be away from the commercialized downtown for a day.
Cece and I with some amazing pastries from a famous pastry shop... and I'm blanking on the name. Starts with an L. Oh well, the only thing that matters is it was absolutely amazing. Couldn't even finish it, because it was so good!
After a long day of seeing paris. I'm excited for everything that can happen in the next 3 months!!