29 January 2009


I absolutely adore these headbands!! Fun and funky.
Someday I'll own one that's on sale, or maybe I will make one... hmm possibilities.
find here: cuteness

26 January 2009

new blog

My dear sister just told me about this blog, and it is quite lovely.

look it up!!

25 January 2009

more old shots

A couple more...
german train station
just outside Versailles
san francisco

old shots

I realized I haven't put up my favorite pictures, so here are a couple. Observation: Need to work on taking pictures with people in them!!

23 January 2009


I was able to go up to Logan this past weekend with my sister and cousin. We were able shop around, go to Bluebird, see a bit of Utah State's campus, and visit the gravestone of our grandparents.
Here are some of my pictures.

20 January 2009

au revoir

At least I will be saying this in the fall!! I have been officially accepted into the Fall 2009 Paris Study Abroad. I have been hoping for this for a great deal of time, and if you would like to send any congratulations, you can find me on Cloud 9. I will be walking along the Champs Elysees, wandering the halls of Musee d'Orsay, and traveling throughout the countryside. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it will soon be my reality.

Family and friends... start making plans to visit.
louvre, notre dame, & eiffel tower

to queen e

To the lovely Elizabeth Clayton!!
We celebrated in style at a restaurant up in Sundance, and here are some shots.
Isn't she just adorable?

To many more birthdays and reasons to celebrate!! xo


Making our dad proud!

06 January 2009

cute kids

I could take pictures of these kids for days!! Each with their own personality, they always make life more fun.

i can't deny...

... that I live in a beautiful place.

new job

This is going to be a great semester. Yes, classes are fine and my apartment is the same, but it's all about the job. If any of you are lucky enough to visit the Museum of Art on BYU's campus, then maybe you will see me!! I sit at the front desk and answer phones, check bags/coats (and since it's been snowing like crazy the past couple of days... that's mostly what I do), answer questions, try and find something productive, etc. But mostly, I do homework, play on the internet, and do whatever I want!!

Being paid to do this is amazing. Can I stay in college forever?
*that's the view from my desk. amazing is a slight understatement