06 December 2009


This past week, I took the 3 hour train out to Colmar for a day, and trust me, it was well worth it! Five Christmas markets scattered about a city filled with frosted trees and decorated buildings. Here are some pictures!

bags are packed

Tomorrow, I head back home! It has been amazing experience, and I will savor each memory everyday. From the monuments, museums, and architecture to the food, people, and culture, I will miss it.

Je t'aime, Paris!

(But I am excited for upcoming Christmas festivities!!)
(The picture is quite gloomy, but Paris offered up torrential rain today! Thanks paris. Great way to end.)

My Paris

To end off my semester in Paris, our final photography project was titled "My Paris." So basically, putting into photos our experience. Here is a little something I did...

Paris is full of sights and scenes, made famous through the years.
People hurry from place to place to take it all in.
To go.
To see.
To experience.

We are constantly in motion. I come full circle with this idea. But instead now, our motion is not the theme, but instead, the backdrop becomes the idea in question. We are in motion, while they remain statuesque, standing against the years of history and experiences. We are only a small moment passing by, but they remain.