24 March 2009


Seeing these old pictures from a past J.Crew campaign makes me want to go on a roadtrip, like on the Route 66. These shots are mainly for the selling of clothing, but I can't help my desire!!. Necessities: comfortable car, good company, lots of food, several ipods of music, a camera, and possibly an outfit worthy of being photographed.

images here

20 March 2009


For my Paris Prep Course, I needed to create a post that describes one thing that I would really love to do while on the study abroad. Then when I am actually there, I will write a response. I think it's a brilliant idea. Here is what I posted on the blog:

So in my own little world, my dream is to be found by Scott Schuman, mastermind behind The Sartorialist, while I am walking the streets of Paris. Maybe as I am leaving the craze of Paris Fashion Week or casually entering a quiet cafe, he will beg to capture the essence of my personality and outfit. Some may call this a passing fancy, but maybe someday...
(If any of you lovely fellow ladies also share my dream, group pictures are also available.)

But in reality, since this project is to "actually" come to pass, I would love to come across a jazz club or some swanky music scene (yes, I just said swanky). I am an earnest fan of jazz music, and I love discovering new forms of music, especially from different countries. Whether open mic nights or a regular piano ensemble, I would love to be a part of that scene.
Maybe I'll find it in this beautiful cafe...
Hopefully, I will find a place like this that I can retreat to on the weekends, and I would love and gladly appreciate the company of anyone and everyone.

Other things: take pictures of absolutely everything, live in the Musee d'Orsay, finally see Montmartre for myself, find open air markets for Saturday mornings, travel absolutely everywhere I can (Monaco, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and wherever else), try every crepe under the sun, etc.

That's it for now!! Have an enjoyable weekend.

19 March 2009


At this moment, I am studying for a test, and looking out on a very bleak black parking lot from my apartment window. But instead, I am dreaming of this view on a beautiful Parisian scene, complete with leather chair and inviting plush pillow. Someday, when I am worn with life, I will own this little scene, and I will read something fantastic and bask in the pleasant atmosphere from that chair.
Someday [insert sigh].

Image found here

17 March 2009

happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite brother!! May you have a fantastic day, filled with luck and maybe a pot o' gold.

think green.

On this day of days, I appreciate the green around me!! Your Heart Out has a post about becoming green to save the world, one fabric bag at a time. Little Sussy shared a beautiful picture of a place I would not mind being a part of. And I would love to enjoy a spring wedding in this beautiful dress and shoes right about now. Maybe it's the warm weather, but I am looking forward to today!!

Have a wonderful day.

Dress here
Shoes here

14 March 2009

the jean jacket

So tell me what you think... yay or nay for the return of the jean jacket??

I still have an old jacket that I probably wore in 8th or 9th grade, and I am contemplating the idea of dusting off the moth balls to try it out again. I don't know why I haven't worn it since the good ol' days of middle school, but seeing that this jacket is splashing itself across all blogs/runways/etc., the idea is sounding pretty good. Dare I?
I mean, if she can do you it, can't I??

Via here
Inspiration here

i would not be opposed...

...to owning this. Isn't it pretty??

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12 March 2009


Je voudrais voir ce film!!
It will obviously be in french, so I will be able to practice my mad skills... At least we'll see April 22. (And don't worry mom, there will be screening involved... J'espère qu'il est propre.)

And who doesn't love Audrey Tautou?

i want it

I had my third class to prepare me for Paris this evening, and this is one of the many items my professor recommends. I already own 2 other Moleskine products, so I am well-aware of their nifty, organizational simplicity.
But this is even better! They make these handy notebooks for specific cities, complete with maps of the city, map of the metro, maps of smaller sections of town with spaces to write in your favorite cafe/shop/patisserie. Sounds perfect for my upcoming adventure!!

Found here.

san francisco

So I had a lovely time in San Francisco and Palo Alto this past weekend, and here are a couple of pictures from e&lola's adventures.

So we didn't want to buy pashminas... so we made three enemies in Chinatown. No joke.

The MOMA in San Francisco. It just so happens that half of the art we saw, I am studying at the moment in American Humanities. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

e & lola

hating the heights...

loving the heights...

a couple pics from San Francisco.

05 March 2009

couple more

I'm surprised I could get any pictures of him actually looking towards me!!

simply adorable

Very yummy cookies made with Nona and M.

Still editing this one, but I wanted you to see it!

Yes... there is icing in her hair.

So much sass.

04 March 2009

one for now

Just downloaded pictures from my weekend at home, and they are simply adorable. The rest will come soon!!

*thanks M&A for producing adorable children.

03 March 2009


I recently came across a fascinating blog, titled A Continuous Lean, that has articles on fashion and style for men. Just glancing through the first article, I knew I was hooked. Just read to this quote:

"A person’s style today... no longer seems natural. There’s no longer any authenticity to it. Everything is in some way a costume." -Bruce Boyer

Check it out!! I am excited to read what else they can come up with.