17 November 2008


For my next project, I needed to take something normal, and make it seem abstract. here are a few:

I love the letters. Makes it look like someone's initials.
This is actually a picture of the wheel sideways with the lighting just right.
My friend was kind enough to let me use his bike for the project. We went out into the street, and I proceeded to take way too many pictures of a bike. There were many strange glances from people in passing cars, but it doesn't matter!! As long as I get a good grade, then it was all worth it.
Please comment with your critiques.

16 November 2008

more to come

yet another photo project. more pictures to come.

15 November 2008

hare krishna

my roommate was kind enough to let me use her for my photography project. here are a couple of the best shots.

funny story. she accidentally put her shoes on the wrong feet, so we just twisted her legs to make the shoes look normal. unintentional optical illusion.

i wish i had tried a different angle, but her eye contact is phenomenal.
thanks so much deb!!

13 November 2008

prop 8

prop 8 call center:
what an amazing experience, and here are a couple pictures from the final days.
while the reports were coming in that prop 8 was in the lead.
more excitement.

the wonderful zwicks with jonny and elizabeth
where we lived for two weeks.

12 November 2008


my friend is planning her trip to new york. and i can't stop looking at my pictures from my new york trip this summer. i think my sisters and i should plan a trip for the near future. agreed?


i forced two of my roommates to be hand models, so I could work on different techniques. here you go:

and with these pictures, i would love your commentary and advice. thanks!

thank you

before i can display my pictures for my loved ones, i want to say thank you to my mom and dad for helping me with my new camera. i am having the time of my life when i can just go out into the world, and capture points of view and images i find interesting.

so thank you again to those who helped me.


i just turned in my first photography project, and these are two selections from the private collection of laura clayton. enjoy.
this was my work for stop motion (beautiful deborah tan ladies and gentlemen)

this is my other work for fluid motion. i literally set up my tripod on by the tracks in downtown salt lake, and set my camera on continuous. and this is what comes of it. i had a lot of strange looks as i walked around downtown with my camera, a huge camera bag, and a tripod.

(more pictures on the way)