31 July 2010

random bits

So here are a few pictures of what I've been doing in the past weeks... Including day trips, Stonehenge, trip to the North of England, Ambleside, York, etc. Enjoy.

Monument to the Women of WWII

Dancing to Fergie on the London Bridge... You need to do it!!

Diagon Alley. No joke.

Can you guess where this is?

Remember the sculpture scene?

The Pemberley of Pride & Prejudice.

Our boat cruise in the Lake District.

Fountains Abbey

Beautiful Ambleside.

18 July 2010


I went back home. And no, not Newport. But instead, I was on the streets of Paris again. I was the tour guide for my friends, and it was fantastic to see the city through new eyes again... Thankfully, the language, the directions, the sites, and the culture came back easily. Miss you already!!
Literally RIGHT before it started to downpour rain...

On the Champs de Mars for the Bastille Day Firework Show!! Thousands of people and tuns of fun.
ali, laura, niki, brittany

We didn't plan to match perfectly!!
Top of Arc du Triomphe (fifth time...)

Musee de Rodin
Napoleon's Tomb/Hotel des Invalides

Chartres Cathedral, after renovation. When I was here in the fall, this was behind scaffolding, so I loved seeing the before and after!

Boat Cruise = Necessary Paris Experience

Before and after Paris, my study abroad group toured Northern France to see WWI sites. And actually, many of the memorials will be used in my Thesis... Here's the Vimy Memorial. We came to it in between rain storms, clouds rumbling with thunder. Thankfully, I arrived at just the right moment to capture these images of the memorial and the surrounding landscape.

Paris, je t'aime.

09 July 2010

glastonbury, stourhead & bath

We went on yet another coach ride across the UK. It was full day of driving, but these are the types of places I would never see, unless I was a part of this fabulous school program. Enjoy.

Stourhead (first proposal in the new Pride & Prejudice)

(my roommates)

The Roman Baths in... Bath.

05 July 2010

canterbury & cambridge.

Once a week, we are all gathered onto a large coach, and drive across the countryside to various, intellectual, fabulous sites of religious and educational importance (I'm so spoiled)!! This past Friday, we went to Canterbury Cathedral and St. Augustine's Abbey, where the cathedral had the most fabulous architecture I have ever seen, both in the ceiling and the space.

*no editing whatsoever

And here's Cambridge!!

Oh and it was Canada Day here, Trafalgar Square was crazy...