31 July 2010

random bits

So here are a few pictures of what I've been doing in the past weeks... Including day trips, Stonehenge, trip to the North of England, Ambleside, York, etc. Enjoy.

Monument to the Women of WWII

Dancing to Fergie on the London Bridge... You need to do it!!

Diagon Alley. No joke.

Can you guess where this is?

Remember the sculpture scene?

The Pemberley of Pride & Prejudice.

Our boat cruise in the Lake District.

Fountains Abbey

Beautiful Ambleside.


Ali Sorensen said...

cute cute cute! You have excellent pics! I especially love the one of you dancing on London Bridge and Brittany sticking out her tongue.

m spot said...

first of all, you're hot. second, i want your striped shirt. third, you've been to pemberly. fourth, see first comment.

come home already!

Elizabeth Clayton Smith said...


Brittany said...

my tongue. oh my.

i just like you a lot. huzzah.

annie said...

Laura. i am jealous of your life. last year paris, this year london..the LIFE!! Jason has recently applied for jobs in London so we are keeping our fingers crossed, but trying not to get our hopes up and the same time. Love your pics!!