21 July 2009

the day has come

Probably shared with most female bloggers out there, I absolutely adore The Sartorialist. I am still astounded at Scott Schuman's ability to capture the personality and essential style of people we normal people would just pass on the street. But through his artistic eye and fabulous camera lens, he turns out breathtaking photos and countless outfits I am dying to imitate.
And several months ago, he made the announcement of producing his own book!! It will be officially released August 12th in the U.S., then released worldwide in September. Let's just say, mine is pre-ordered. The anticipation is killing me.
One more thing, he is going on a book tour. And he will be in Paris when I am there. Perfection? I think so...
P.S. Can I please have the courage to come up to a perfection stranger, compliment their style, then proceed to say, "can I take a picture of you?" Hopefully someday.
photo found here


So as this summer trundles along, I can't help but look up opportunities and activities only to be done in Paris (also helped with the countless emails from my family about new articles on the latest art exhibits, restaurants, etc.). Found on Habitually Chic, I am anticipating several trips to Versailles this fall. Not necessarily just for the awe-inspiring architecture, but for the pleasantries of a simple bike ride through the extensive grounds. Take a look at this article, found on Travel & Leisure, and you'll catch onto my desire to go and rent a bike... Sounds simply fabulous, especially in the crisp autumn air, surrounded by lines and lines of trees, only helped with camera. Care to join me?

picture found here

13 July 2009

so if you remember...

from a while ago (when I was consistent with my blog posting), I mentioned my secret dream to be found and photographed by Scott Schumann, the famed Sartorialist, while living in Paris or New York. Well, my hopes and aspirations are about to be realized!! Through following the simple steps in this flow chart, my chances increase ten-fold of being noticed by this fabulous photographer.
If you share my dream, look here.

Found here.