27 January 2010

outfit lust

I love this ad campaign... and would love to have these outfits!!

25 January 2010

good quote

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.

-George C. Scott

*Photo of my dad.

in love

Turns out, I am a huge Hitchcock fan. Every film has the most fabulous actors from the prime Hollywood days and the actual film techniques are fantastic. Vanity Fair had an editorial of present-day actors posing in Hitchcock's famous scenes, and they are wonderful reinterpretations of familiar faces.

Amazing right??

Found via Oh Hello

21 January 2010

dream wedding

Though I claim myself as a California girl, I do love the style of a country wedding. Martha Stewart has had several spreads of these types of weddings, and I admire how the pictures turn out. I absolutely love the look of rough beams and chinese lanterns in a little barn for a reception. Look at this blog post from A Cup of Jo... what do you think?

I would love a reception up in Jackson Hole, where my grandparents live, because wouldn't that be the perfect backdrop? *sigh

quote of the day

"fall in love with something" -professor kearl
Said by one of the most brilliant men I have had as a professor. Though he butchered my gpa and shrunk my pride, his Econ 110 course taught me a great deal more than just economics. As my time at BYU is rapidly coming to close, I realize this a great quote for all those in my similar situation. Though many subjects may interest me, humanities won my heart, and I have certainly fell in love with the study of people, culture, art, history, etc. Who knows what kind of job I could get... but oh well! At least I fell in love, Profess Kearl!

Hopefully, you are having a great day.

Another quote to end on: "Self? Great day."

13 January 2010


After living in Provo again for the past week or so, I realize how much I miss my city, Paris.

I miss the conversations I had with the people I encountered everyday, including my infamous host mother.

I miss the opportunity to visit the amazing variety of museums (cough cough... Orsay, Louvre, Rodin...).

I miss the array of flavorful food, from the pastries at the corner bakery, the meals at Cafe du Marche, the hot chocolate at Angelina's, and the bread found everywhere. Especially now that I'm off of dairy and wheat, I miss them more and more everyday!

I miss the classes I took, compared to the intense, but necessary, courses I'm taking this semester.

I miss the traveling to history-rich places like Arles, Bruges, Amsterdam, Normandy, etc.

I miss just walking the streets of Paris, seeing and encountering new things everywhere.

I miss Paris. But I'll be back soon and I'll endeavor to make the best of the next semester.