22 February 2009


My Study Abroad Director, Marc Olivier, is the best. Hands down. He's created a blog for the students and their families to read to get ready for Paris. Only one post so far, but I am excited for what he has next!!
He also has another fantastic blog, Take Out Photo, which takes you step by step through Photoshop.

21 February 2009


Someday, I will own this outfit (sans bag). And I will be wearing it while walking the streets of New York.
Found on The Sartorialist

the wisdom of youth

While sitting at work, my friend brought over a short book for me to read and to save me from the boredom. I recommend to all of you "How to Talk to Girls," by Alec Greven, the wisdom-filled nine-year-old, trying to help his fellow young friends with girls. It is honestly absolutely hilarious!! And still quite applicable to boys my age, at least slightly.

He went on a book tour, appeared on several shows, and is now writing several more books (for Moms, Dads, and Grandparents).

Read this.

Hope you are having a great Saturday.

12 February 2009

sweet tooth fairy

So I am lucky enough to be working at a friend's bakery, The Sweet Tooth Fairy, and the grand opening was fantastic!! Tons of friends and family came to support, and we couldn't keep the delicious cookies, cakebites, and cupcakes on the shelves!!


The other weekend, I had the pleasure of going up to a friend's cabin, and we passed by this cute little diner, straight out of the '50s. We couldn't help but stop in!! Needless to say, it was adorable and tasty.

This reminded me of all those soccer banquet dinners at random pizza joints around Newport. Oh, good memories.

10 February 2009

in slc

Next time I am in Salt Lake City, I will need to visit this place. Found on Your Heart Out, I am seriously contemplating driving up there right now, and trying it for myself!!

06 February 2009


Seeing that I am my mother's daughter, I am constantly cold!! Especially when I live where it snows and rains most of the time (or just ridiculously too cold), it is necessary that I keep myself warm. So during the breaks from work, I find myself wandering the pages of etsy, looking at these cute scarves and such.

Grey Cowl (found here)
Flurrie Scarf (found here, buy here)

i left my heart in...

... San Francisco? Okay, maybe not, but this workshop looks amazing!!

My sister forwarded the information the other day, and I proceeded to waste a half an hour drooling over the photographs. I have heard from some people that learning on film is the only way to go, but I haven't been sold. But looking at these photographs makes me wonder if it's true!!
(found here)


Someday I will have a mirror this beautiful. And the room wouldn't hurt either...

How much would you love to throw open the door of home after a long day, and walk into this space. I love the reds and beautiful sources of color. Someday...
(found here)