01 April 2011

missing my grandpa

On Monday morning, my dear grandpa passed away. I'm going to miss that man, but I know he is happy, healthy and surrounded by loved ones now.

I hope to make everyday a pine tree day (with a Pepsi One in hand)!

want to see

This movie!! Based in Paris with Rachel and Owen... fabulous combination.

living the dream

With three weeks until graduation, I have a lot to write down on this little blog, including my last semester of classes, last moments on Sundance, and getting engaged to the man of my dreams!!!

It was the ultimate bi-coastal relationship, with amazing weeks in California, good times in Utah, and a fabulous trip to New York City. Austin David Pulsipher proposed on March 18th, 2011 on the beach in front of Hotel del Coronado. Now we are planning a wedding for August 13th, and I COULD NOT be happier! 

I'll reminisce of fabulous memories occasionally, but for now, here are pictures.

I'm so excited for eternity with this boy... Oh, and this is the ring!

20 January 2011

viva las vegas

This past weekend was slightly crazy, but what else do you expect from Vegas! My girls and I drove down, stayed in the Monte Carlo, walked the strip (still smell like smoke... gross), dinner at Lavo, walk around hotels, free admission and VIP treatment at Tryst (the new Wynn club), Bellagio fountains, M&M World, NY NY roller coaster, Coke World (more on that later...), walk around more hotels, Serendipity's frozen hot chocolate, drove to John & Elaine's, then sleep!

Coke World's "16 Flavors from Around the World"
DO NOT try the Beverly unless you want to look like this.

Vegas... Mormon style.

The girls: Deb, Britney, LWatt, moi, Jess.